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The Spectator (2023)


The external environment and the emotions of others are huge stimuli to the “highly sensitive” policewoman Yao Zi Ru, but her keen sense of touch can help solve the case. Before sin, most people were just “spectators.” But there are more “perpetrators” than criminals in the world, because of cold violence, and emotional abuse… It’s not a crime. Until they met the restaurant owner, Wang Mi Xi, who had the same empathy, and the two fell in love. The perpetrators who had been at large in the past were killed, and there were traces of burning sage next to their bodies. “Sage Killer” wants to purify the world. The policewoman pursued it freely, but she never thought that the killer was Mi Xi. Mi Xi does not want to be a bystander but uses extreme means. You can only make painful choices…

Also known as: The Spectator 旁观者 Pang Guan Ze Bystander Spectator Pong Gun Ze


Status: Ongoing

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