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The Airport Diary (2024)


It has been five years, and the airport’s passenger traffic has tripled; due to this, Yeung Seung Wai has become the duty manager of the airport’s control centre and is responsible for monitoring the entire airport to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Cheung Yeuk Ling, the director of the Hong Kong Airlines station, is Wei’s ex-wife, and the two argue whenever they work together, despite the affection they still hold for each other in their hearts. Captain Guo Qi Quang, a pilot in the airport, is passionate in his pursuit of Ling, whilst Gwo Ya Wen, Wei’s old lover, appears in their lives. These four make a chaotic love square that is bound to be put under pressure when a typhoon hits the airport head-on, leading a passenger plane to make an emergency landing at the airport.

Also known as: The Airport Diary Fei Chang Ri Zhi Zhuang Zhi Jiao Yang Fei Seong Jat Zi Zong Zi Giu Joeng Jong Ji Giu Yeung 飞常日志 壮志骄阳 壯志驕陽


Status: Ongoing

Release Year:


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