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Master of Living


The story follows our heroine, Lin Xiao Xia, a grassroots girl from the countryside with a dream of jewelry design, but the pressure of life forces her to hide her true self behind a mask of lies. She meets our hero, Lu Yi Ze – a spoiled, arrogant and self-willed rich young master of a jewellery company who dreams of living his own carefree life. Two people of opposite backgrounds quickly become friends despite their awkward meeting; under his encouragement, Lin Xiao Xia begins to tear down her disguise to rediscover her original aspirations and pursue her dreams of jewelry design, in the process, she helps Lu Yi Ze see the value of jewels and his family’s hard work.

Director: Zhang Kai Qiang

Also known as: Master of Living My Lucky Star The Lucky Star Fang Yang De Xing Xing Chuan Guo Huang Yan Yong Bao Ni Fong Yeung Di Seng Seng Chyun Gwo Fong Yin Yung Bou Nei 放羊的星星 穿過謊言擁抱你 Embracing You Beyond Lies Hug You Through Lies 穿过谎言拥抱你 You Jian Zhong Xia Ye Zhi Xing 又見仲夏夜之星


Status: Ongoing

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